Tuesday, September 6, 2011

30 in 30, 9/5/11 - "Show and Tell", Al Wilson

Still, to my mind, a fantastic vocal for sure (especially when he lets it fly in the chorus), and a fantastic pop song EVEN WITH what I think of as a "regrettable" (though brief) interlude around 2:20...

Show and Tell by Al Wilson, from 1973...



  1. I remember this and recall that first access to songs like this was always through some horrifying K-TEL RONCO compilation, because the music industry still had not managed to bridge the color barrier in AM terms. This allows me to set the date of my switch to FM.

  2. For along time I heard it as "Sho' as Hell"

  3. To the Kidd - might I know who you are for future reference?

    I do love the misheard lyric, I do. Recently Danielle has been cooking with hominy, which reminds me of Harmony, an Elton John song off of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Forever I heard a line in that song as "Harmony and me are pretty good company, looking for vitamins so we phoned the pharmacy." Which sort of makes sense in one way but in the context of the rest of the song did not. In fact, they are "looking for an island in our boat upon the sea".

  4. K-Tel RONCO - I remember those ads well. And woe betide you if there were two versions of the song you liked, an FM version and an AM version, because those mix albums would have only AM versions. The first time I remember noticing this was with Band on the Run. The AM version is like 3 and a half minutes long and the FM over 5, I think. Also pushed me more toward FM than AM because, you know, THEY WERE PLAYING THE ACTUAL SONG, not butchering it.

  5. C'est moi: Billy.

  6. But of course, Mr. Billy the Kidd; I should have known...