Saturday, September 24, 2011

30 in 30, 9/21/11 - "Six O'Clock News", John Prine

Thanks to George Angel for turning me on to John Prine my first year at the University of CA, Santa Cruz (Go Sea Lions!). There were many of John's to choose from, but I picked one of the absolute saddest (don't worry, next up The Knack!). In the universe of American songwriters there aren't very many whom I consider to be better than Mr. Prine...

Six O'Clock News.



  1. "Time was once just a clock to me
    And life was just a book, a biography
    Success was something you just had to be
    And I would spend myself unknowingly,

    You know I'd survive if I never spoke again
    And all I'd have to lose is my vanity
    But I had no idea what a good time would cost
    Till last night when you sat and talked with me.

  2. Slugs... not Sea Lions

  3. George - that was the other song I considered posting for Prine.

    Irene - I was never on board for that change. Just think of it as revisionist history.