Friday, August 9, 2013

18 Year Old Israel Hernandez Tasered to Death by F-L-A Police

No, he likely should not have been spray painting that empty McDonald's - it was not his property to do so.  Yes, he probably should have complied with police commands and surrendered.  On the other hand, it's not like the police in this country have a spotless reputation for absolute courtesy when making arrests (especially with regard to non-white suspects), so maybe that was in his mind, who knows.  Or maybe he was just frightened.  In any event, the bottom line, to me, is this - whatever procedures the police are using are NOT working correctly when an 18 year old kid with NO weapons is spray painting a VACANT building and does not confront the police, he heads the opposite direction, and somehow manages to wind up dead.  I mean let's say he was charged with a crime, some type of vandalism - I'm pretty sure the sentence wouldn't have been Tasered To Death (though this is Florida; har)What I'd like to believe is that, right now, at least one of those officers is saying, "It wasn't that big of a deal - why didn't we just let him go?" Too late for Mr. Hernandez, of course...


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