Saturday, June 15, 2013

Valverde Watch

Ah, a day without a Jose Valverde appearance in a Tiger game is like a day without, well, sunshine, I guess...

Last night, he came in to a 4-0 game in the 9th and immediately walked the first guy.  Then, he got a double play, then hit a batter.  Then a strikeout.  Hey, what's two base runners per innings pitched for your closer, you know?

This from the ESPN blurb on last night's game - "It's great for me and great for my teammates to be on the mound and have my confidence again," said Valverde, who allowed 10 hits, seven runs and five homers over his previous six appearances while blowing two of his five save opportunities.

(The bolding is mine, but then you likely knew that...)


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