Tuesday, June 4, 2013


An original IBL photograph taken June 2, 2013, Little Red Hen, Green Lake, Seattle.


  1. Great observation. Really works looking at it thumbnail size, maintains abstraction. Composition is strong. You can tell by trying to take an element away. You feel a loss. Consider how your eye moves. Moving to all elements and returning to the carved and scribbled. The attempt at scribbling out and crossing out the carved in element is a fantastic careless attempt at what, censorship? I love not knowing what's being denied here. As if there is genitalia. I don't see it. Instead it's like saying, "Don't think about pumpkins." You have to think about what's prohibited. The two mount points are where a picture should be mounted, so the whole area could be obscured. They really need to FRAME a photo of this, which is directly BEHIND on the wall. How good would THAT be? The historic layers of plaster and paint tell a story. And the little words marked out as well are also a mystery. So what starts out being a simple texture study becomes a remarkable narrative of people passing and double-objection to subject lost. A world revealed by the absence of something able to cover it over.

  2. Placing a photo of this on the wall in the same room. Hmmm...