Thursday, August 30, 2012

And What, Pray Tell, Is at the Foot of Your Bed?


  1. Ha! Endless possibilities here. Where is your TRACK LIGHTING? Who needs a freaking metaphor when you've got the REAL THING?
    Put it somewhere you own the other side of the wall, then put in a hidden short door so you can sit and be seen or look through. Or print a still from Hitchcock's Rear Window and place it on the wall behind. Get a 2 ft replica of a termite and hang it on the side. Setup back-lit screen video projection.

    Back in the 80's when I was a passionate motorcyclist, I had a 12" x 8" chuck of road asphalt hanging on my wall. It was a contemplation of the few sq. in. of rubber contact patch with this stuff.

  2. I love that you had asphalt on your wall. Lots to do with this window but, so far, we've pretty much left it as is. But adding the rickety stepladder next to it really is fine, I think. We had that set up in SF, though in a corner so they were angled to each other. The Golden Gate Bridge piece through the window is a new addition...