Saturday, February 7, 2015

Moral Dilemma #2

Though your backyard is fenced in and/or you never let him/her out of your sight and/or off his/her leash, your dog has gone missing.  So you post flyers on telephone poles in your neighborhood and a variety of other places throughout the city with a photo of your dog, and a phone number to contact you in case anybody sees him/her.  Happily, there is a phone call just the next  morning - your dog is safe and sound after spending the night on someone's lanai.  There is a reunion a short time later - see him/her racing across the lawn to greet you and then sloppily licking your face with joy as you throw your arms around him/her?

Do you then retrace your steps throughout the city to remove all of the flyers you have frantically posted?


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