Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Knew This Guy Once

who was talking about that one album by Rush and he called it "Two One One Two" instead of "Twenty-one Twelve" and OH! the abuse he took from everyone, so much abuse...


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  1. - If I were the fellow, would my behavior be modified to conform or reinforced?
    - What is the risk of conversation?
    - What is the cost of membership in any cultural milieu?
    - How does the Milieu define, maintain and defend itself?
    - How is all interpersonal interaction some form of boundary placement and exploration on the known, believed and assumed?
    - Why does violence become an acceptable option?
    - Why is existence fundamentally impermanent, imperfect and impersonal?
    - What choice does an inhabitant of the universe have?
    - Why was I an asshole? Because I was externalizing my countercultural beliefs in the midst of a Fleetwood Mac concert.
    - It's better to like things than to hate them.