Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fictional Lesbian Pairings (X)

Karen Ann Quinlan thought, "That Terry Schiavo, she's kind of cute.  Plus I bet there's a ton of stuff we could talk about."

So, a week after informally meeting Terry at a small party in Mary Magdalene's loft, Karen asked her out for kielbasa sandwiches, potato salad, and polka music.  At a cozy table toward the back of the room, some nuzzling was observed.

It's up to the angels, now.


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  1. Enjoyed this. Love the humor. I want to see the Monty Python skit with Palin and Cleese in drag of course. A number of thoughts and references were stirred up. Combine the movies 6th Sense and Matrix. Going to spare us all a pointless, disjointed philosophical rambling centered on how we'd choose to live our lives in limbo and the similarities to what we choose in this life. I have got to lighten up. I must embrace absurdity. Quit being so damned literal.