Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Word on Yesterday's Lone Post

 (Take a quick peek at it now, I'll wait...)


So I put that on the blog yesterday afternoon, linked it up to Facebook as I do with 95% of these entries, and within an hour I received this response -

Me no speaka good engrish so you fucka you...I no spel good tu Harhar me go laf mor mak crizy song in hed sing tu me orly

First of all, "me go laf mor mak crizy song in hed sing to me orly" is a pretty good line, I have to admit.  Second, I declined to post the comment under the "control your environment" theory (it was, of course, sent anonymously - the courage that must take.)

And then only this -

I am under no illusions as to how many people read this blog on a regular basis.  But I don't mind, I assumed it would be that way going in.  What does seem interesting to me in this instance is that, within an hour of this going up, I could have a comment back.  In general, I don't get that many comments from people I don't know - maybe ten in over a year.  So who was this, somebody randomly patrolling the internet? Possibly, but those seem like long odds.  Or perhaps somebody saw it on Facebook and doubled back to comment? To me, that seems more likely.  And so but anybody who has bothered to take a look around these pages would, I think, come to understand a few things about the creator and, in theory, would be able to bundle yesterday's entry within a context firmament that would indicate this was likely an attempt at irony (could well be failed attempt, of course).  I heard a quote of Sarah Silverman's once where she said, in essence, "If you want to know who I am, just listen to my act.  I'm the opposite of that."  In truth, I think I've given plenty of clues here as to who I am.

Could somebody still have been offended? Sure.  Could somebody simply have been trying to continue the irony? I guess, but then why not leave a name? So, for those of you who got this far - go ahead, comment away.  I'm not going to take offense, ever.  I'm certainly not going to get in some verbal sparring match.  If you're grumpy with something I put out there, or if you're happy with something, I'd love to hear about it and I'd love to talk about it.  But, in general, I'm going to need a name, or the comment is headed to the electronic dust bin, except for the parts I can use later.



  1. My 2 cents: I found it humorous, but the part of me that was amused isn't the better part of me. I also was a bit confused, as I felt it pushed at the limits of "civilty" and "decorum."

  2. John - I assume you are talking about my initial post, here, and not the comment made? If I'm wrong we can take another path but, based on that assumption, you are correct about "pushing the limits". I started to talk about this in a post dated 5/18/12 if you'd care to refer back; in that post I begin to sort of talk about an "art exception" (though I don't call it such at the time) that might be allowed, something that could be open to interpretation and could, at first, seem uncivil but be moving in that direction nonetheless, via irony or sarcasm or whatever (and hopefully inspire conversation). But I did NOT have that conversation and so I need to get on my horse and do that. And, it will probably be in conjunction with the Fuck You Anita Bryant song mentioned there. Can't believe that was five months ago. Christ. Anyway, thanks for that comment, a good reminder to me...

  3. "Fuck you Anita Bryant" is a civil thing to say and no explanation or justification is necessary. In fact, calling Anita Bryant a bitch is also a civil thing to say or write, and is far different than calling some random woman a bitch and telling her to speak English. I could also condone "shut the fuck up Anita Bryant, you bitch," or even "I keep my bitches in a binder."

  4. NOW who's pushing the limits, Sir! But I'm going to go with it, I think, and hopefully get to the Anita Bryan song after a couple of other "set up" posts. We'll see how I do. Your comments here likely will fit in down the road as well...