Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Upcoming @ IBL - More Music Discussions a la 30 in 30

So I enjoyed doing my 30 songs in 30 days, and heard from at least one person who indicated he would be pleased to see it continue in some fashion. And so it shall.

Going forward, though, I'm going to break up the music into two basic categories -

  • First, as with 30 in 30, songs from my "youth" (loosely defined as 10 to 25, let's say) that had some effect on me at the time, whether or not I like them today (though for the most part along the 30 in 30 path I DID choose songs that I still like today).
  • Second, songs that I have come to find in my "adult years" (har) that I think are fantastic for any number of reasons, some by well-known artists, others by artists of whom you may be unaware.
On both fronts I encourage people (as George Angel did) to share music that had or has an effect on them. I am always looking for new songs and artists to enjoy, either in or out of my wheelhouse.


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