Thursday, October 13, 2011

Knapp's Lounge, Tacoma, Evening of October 12th (In Which I Buy a Drink for Terry)

Those of you who avidly follow this blog ( wait for it ... har) might recall that back on August 3rd or 4th I told the story of a gentleman named Terry who played me a bunch of Badfinger on the juke box at Knapp's here in Tacoma. After the first two songs he got up, said good evening, and left; then three more came on - he had played them just for me. I said to Danielle, "I'm buying that guy a drink the next time we see him in here."

Well let's close the loop on this heartwarming tale of human bonding, shall we? Diet Coke and bourbon? Robin, put that on my tab!

Cheers, Terry...


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