Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Taste of the Funny - In An Elevator

A very clever and funny thing to say, when you are in an elevator and you are headed down to the ground floor and the elevator stops over and over again - it seems like people are getting on and off at pretty  much every floor - well, then a very clever and funny thing to say when you have the chance and especially if it's quiet in the elevator car, a funny and clever thing to say is to wryly say, "Hey, I didn't mean to get on the local!" (or some variant of that), because the implication then is that you had a choice when you entered the elevator car, like with a bus, say, or maybe a subway route, to take EITHER a local or an express, and so then you'd be implying via this wry statement that, having it do over again or if you had your druthers etc., you'd have chosen to take an express rather than the "local" referenced in the wry statement, because the "local", of course, would have fewer stops and fewer people getting on and off and you would get to the ground floor faster, like an express bus, say, or maybe an express subway route would get you to your final destination faster.



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