Saturday, April 25, 2015

"I Am the Man Who Pans For Gold, But Without a Pan, and There Was Never Any Gold"

Pencil, pen and lipstick on cocktail napkin, 5 x 5 inches, 3/14/15, Gainsbourg, Greenwood, Seattle.

It is not impossible I have been drawing crosses for these several years only to arrive at this one.



  1. Just like life. We'd better not fall into the trap of thinking our timeline is a smooth culmination. Movies and stories support that illusion. It's just as important that inconsistency is accepted as part of the creative process. Sure we conceive of "integrity" and "progress" and some base level of quality below which we'll never again revisit. But that's really not where my art process belongs. A child who is thrilled with her latest crayon creation is not burdened by those concepts. Find that place where the elegant turns primitive and the primitive turns elegant. The process is not a smooth one. A story of heroism and accomplishment is only history written by the winner.