DECORUM - What You Need to Know Before Posting to infection by light

I have not read many blogs.  Maybe that is a good thing for my purposes here, maybe not.  But on this blog - a humble blog but mine own - there will be some guidelines.  If, for whatever reason, you don't like and/or appreciate guidelines in general, or these specifically, please feel free to confine my blog to the dustbin of your own personal history.  No harm no foul.

First off, if you remember one thing and one thing only from DECORUM, it should be Civility.  Ultimately, I will be the final judge of civility in this space (holding myself to a like standard, natch).  Anyone I deem to be uncivil in this space will be blocked from posting in the future, so think before you type.  Consider this a zero strike policy - first occurrence and you are unwelcome here, period.  I could have met you yesterday or known you for twenty-five years, it will make no difference.  So, if somebody posts something you don't like and you follow up with "well, you're a fucking moron/asshole/dick/conservative/liberal" or anything along those lines you will be blocked from posting.  You don't have to be nice.  You do have to be civil.
Second, I am hoping that people will feel comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas that pertain to politics, sports, the arts, the world around us, etc., and not simply based on a thread that I might initiate.  Others may wish to suggest topics as well.  That being said, there are certain types of posts I don't want to see, whether I might agree with them personally or not.  If the entirety of your post was, simply - "Obama is a fucking socialist"; "Michelle Bachman is a stupid bitch"; "Lars von Trier is a shitty film director";  "Andy Warhol sucks" - I am not interested.  (See Civility above.)  Instead, I would imagine posts reading thusly - "I believe Obama's policies tend toward socialism because..."; "I think Michelle Bachman is unqualified to run for president because..."; "I don't like the art of Lars von Trier and Andy Warhol because...".  You get the picture.  (If it helps, think of these guidelines as my own Dogme rules.)  This will not be a zero strike policy necessarily; think of it as a one or two strike policy.  And again - if these guidelines annoy you, I will certainly not be offended if you steer clear of infection by light.

Obviously I can't predict everything that people will post, so I may have to add to DECORUM in the future.  But, in the meantime, you have an idea of the guidelines, and I think we're ready to get started.  Thanks in advance, and I look forward to learning things that I might not already know.