Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kary (Though in Truth I Do Not Know How to Spell His Name)

There is a very good chance this gentleman does not know that I snapped his picture in the Little Red Hen about a month or so ago, but how could I not? I believe this to be one of the many faces of Jesus manifest for us mortals here on Earth.  (Or, you know, something like that. (Though of course if he were Jesus I guess he'd know I took the picture.))  Anyway, for more in depth information on Kary, please refer to a post in these very pages dated 12/7/11.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Poem Alert - "Boko Haram"

(Second of two I wrote during a conference call at work yesterday.  These would be the first two poems I've written in over a year.  Tarted this one up today.  Onward and upward...)

Boko Haram

I have discovered
if I mis-speak their name,
call them, say, Boca Raton,
they are far less

Though, to be fair,
I haven't been to Boca Raton;
perhaps it's terrifying
in its own unique way,
I don't know.

admittedly, I might have
a different take on this
glib observation
if I were one of the girls.

But, hey -
that's privilege for you.


"What'd I Say", Ray Charles

Greatness, and just a tad naughty...



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And, You Know, Another Tried and True

First Post In Nearly a Month

Thought I'd go with a little tried and true, if you can dig it.

Little Red Hen - always proud to recycle.